Wild like the Sea


A holistic health journey

All aspects of our being {body, mind and spirit} are interconnected. Whether we are aware of it, or not, at a deep level our body {mind and spirit} is constantly trying to restore itself and heal, to achieve balance and wellness.

When we learn to listen to the messages our body is trying to communicate to us through signs and symptoms, we can better support and nourish it. In this way, we can become conscious and active participants in our health journey and learn to work with ourselves, rather than against. Many factors affect our health and wellness - our history, environment, lifestyle, diet, work, stress, sleep-cycles, relationships, thoughts, experiences, and beliefs.

When we begin to open up to working on our health holistically, we consider all these levels and how they impact us.

Naturopathy engages a holistic approach. It values identifying and addressing the root cause of imbalance, rather than just treating symptoms. It uses a range of tools, including herbal medicine, practitioner-grade nutritional supplements, food as medicine, diet, flower essences and lifestyle coaching.

Learning to take care of ourselves and bring healthy change into our lives is deeply rewarding. When we are shining and thriving we are able to give more to others, and the world around us. Working with a naturopath means we can feel supported on this road to wellness, and be inspired to make sustainable changes to our health, and lives.


Wild like the Sea is a holistic wellness platform created by Amy Taylor {naturopath and journalist}. She is passionate about the healing powers of nature, holistic and conscious living, herbal medicine, inspiring change, and supporting others on their healing journey.

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