Treating the Cause

Symptoms are a language of the body. They communicate with us what is happening within, and are the body’s expression of imbalance. Many of us learn to live with vague and undefined ‘symptoms’, such as fatigue, skin complaints, digestive issues, reflux, heartburn, headaches, moodiness, PMS ~ the list goes on.

A naturopath learns to listen to the expression of symptoms as a key part of identifying and treating the cause {tolle causam} of imbalance or disease in the body. From this perspective, the symptom itself is not the problem, but a clue in identifying what is.

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Shifting into Spring

Spring begins in the darkness, in the Winter. It is from here, that growth begins. Born of the dark, is the light. So as Spring curls itself forth, we suddenly may begin to sense the spaciousness of warmth, and how our body and spirit begin to soften into the sun’s rays. We may begin to notice how the fertile earth begins to stir: quietly beneath our feet, but then louder, before reaching full bloom. In Spring there is a deep sense of nature awakening.

Spring is twisted into new shoots, a shift in the light, the scent of blooming promises, days getting longer and sprawling forward: new growth.

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The Healing Power of Nature

One of the key naturopathic principles is the Healing Power of Nature (vis medicatrix naturae).

There is an abundance of recent research about the many ways in which nature heals and is beneficial to health, happiness and wellbeing. Specific findings reveal that spending time in nature can help us lower blood pressure, reduce stress, increase our sense of purpose, inspire awe and gratitude, reduce inflammation, improve immune function, and reduce anxiety and depression.

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