Shifting into Spring

Spring begins in the darkness of Winter ~ born of the dark, is the light.

And as it unfurls, we suddenly begin to sense the spaciousness of its warmth, and how our body and spirit soften into the suns rays. Here, the fertile earth starts to stir, quietly beneath our feet, but then louder, before reaching full bloom. In Spring there is a deep sense of nature awakening.

It is twisted into new shoots and buds, and a subtle shift in the light. The scent of blooming promises sprawls us forward into new growth, as the days become longer.

In many ways, our time is measured by the cycles of nature: the seasons, the planets, the moon, the break of day, and the fall of night. The cycles of birth and death, beginnings and ends. Our bodies are attuned to these cycles, and are quietly aligned with their ebbs and flows. So here, in this transition, Spring calls us forward. She gently whispers that it is time. And it feels a little like stretching ourselves ~ up, and towards the light ~ as though awakening from a heavy slumber. Our gaze is drawn out towards expansion. The energy pulls us upwards. And there’s a sense of becoming, as the steady stillness and introspection of Winter holds space for the shift ~ for the birth of something new.

It is here where the energy stirs, that our presence in the moment, is key.

For just as the energy lifts around us, it also lifts within us. And as we begin to awaken, we must consider how we might best use our growing drive, and how best it might serve us in the transition ~ here in this space where we are no longer curled up in the dormant, insular chapter of Winter, but not yet fully sprawled beneath the blazing sun’s promise of Summer. To move with the shift, and realise its full potential, we need to embrace the change. And to embrace the change, we need to embrace the now.

So here we might feel ourselves called to move, to drop into nature, to rise a little earlier, and perhaps eat a little lighter. We might feel called to cleanse, to clean out the old, and to nourish the new growth.

It is the perfect time to start something new.

Change always comes. We can run with it, or be dragged by its pull ~ either way, we are moving. So to move with it, means we feel more in-sync with natures seasons. And the closer we feel to nature, the more connected we are to her inherent healing powers.

So choose your seeds now.

Set some goals, and move towards them a little. And then, a little more. Breathe in new life and bleed your stirring energy into its growth.

Plant your seeds in the nourished soil of your Winter ~ it is rich, and ready, and waiting. And once your seeds are planted, tend to them. Make time for them. Love them. Protect them. Move with them. Nurture them into being, for they grow with you.

The energy of Spring is stirring. The invitation? To rise with it.

You are made to build on your yesterdays, and to move with this change.

Nature supports you ~ fully ~ and is pulling you forward. It is she who asks you to plant and tend to these seeds, for they are hers as much as they are yours. She desires your growth. Move with her.

“In Springtime, love is carried on the breeze…” ~Emma Racine deFleur