Treating the Cause

Symptoms are a language of the body. They communicate with us what is happening within, and are the body’s expression of imbalance. Many of us learn to live with vague and undefined ‘symptoms’, such as fatigue, skin complaints, digestive issues, reflux, heartburn, headaches, moodiness, PMS ~ the list goes on.

A naturopath learns to listen to the expression of symptoms as a key part of identifying and treating the cause {tolle causam} of imbalance or disease in the body. From this perspective, the symptom itself is not the problem, but a clue in identifying what is.

When it comes to health, it isn’t one size fits all. Often we think the answer is to suppress symptoms, because we feel that if we can quickly resolve them, all will be well. But as time passes we often find our symptoms reappear, or we suddenly begin experiencing new symptoms, and a feeling that we just can’t quite get on top of our health.

Sometimes symptom management is both necessary and helpful. But it is important to remember if we can identify and treat what drives our symptoms {rather than suppress them} we can resolve imbalances at a foundational level. Healing is journey, and takes time and commitment. The body and its pathways are complex, and every one of us presents with differences in constitution, history, lifestyle, environment, and diet. A holistic approach considers all these aspects, and how they contribute to overall health, and any symptoms or health conditions we may be experiencing.

A naturopath takes the time to learn about you: your history, environment, lifestyle, diet, and the way you choose to live your life. They aim to treat you as a whole person, and not simply the symptoms or disease you present with. Changes to lifestyle, diet, and sleep, can make a significant difference to physical, mental and emotional health. A naturopath might also use herbal tinctures or pills, nutritional supplements, or flower essences. The journey shared between you and your naturopath involves the supported learning of skills and knowledge to empower you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

The body is inherently wise. It is healing itself and working towards balance in every moment. This is nature ~ and even though we can’t see it, the interconnection between all things is balancing and re~balancing all the time. The choices we make daily either help or hinder our body’s innate ability to heal. So when we start to listen to it’s language and expressions, we can begin to make changes to our lifestyle, diet, thoughts and choices, to support our own health and healing. Treating the cause of imbalance is a key part of this journey, and can help shift you from surviving, into thriving.

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has” ~ Hippocrates