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Slow Down & Nourish

Our lives are more fast paced than ever before. We are faced with more and more distractions, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ‘switch off’ in a world that’s constantly connected. It’s like we’re on call 24/7 and have moved far away from having time to process our thoughts and emotions, let alone give ourselves the space to nourish. Fast-food, and prepackaged ‘convenience’ options are waiting on every corner, and making healthy decisions can feel overwhelming when there’s so much choice.

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Treating the Cause

Symptoms are a language of the body. They communicate with us what is happening within, and are the body’s expression of imbalance. Many of us learn to live with vague and undefined ‘symptoms’, such as fatigue, skin complaints, digestive issues, reflux, heartburn, headaches, moodiness, PMS ~ the list goes on.

A naturopath learns to listen to the expression of symptoms as a key part of identifying and treating the cause {tolle causam} of imbalance or disease in the body. From this perspective, the symptom itself is not the problem, but a clue in identifying what is.

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