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Slow Down & Nourish

Our lives are more fast paced than ever before. We are faced with more and more distractions, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ‘switch off’ in a world that’s constantly connected. It’s like we’re on call 24/7 and have moved far away from having time to process our thoughts and emotions, let alone give ourselves the space to nourish. Fast-food, and prepackaged ‘convenience’ options are waiting on every corner, and making healthy decisions can feel overwhelming when there’s so much choice.

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The Healing Power of Nature

One of the key naturopathic principles is the Healing Power of Nature (vis medicatrix naturae).

There is an abundance of recent research about the many ways in which nature heals and is beneficial to health, happiness and wellbeing. Specific findings reveal that spending time in nature can help us lower blood pressure, reduce stress, increase our sense of purpose, inspire awe and gratitude, reduce inflammation, improve immune function, and reduce anxiety and depression.

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