Initial naturopathic consultations are an hour long, providing time for a thorough exploration of your current state of health, and history. A wide range of clinical tools and pathology testing is used where necessary to establish a holistic understanding of you and your symptoms. Treatments are prescribed based on your individual needs and presentation - no two people are the same. If it has taken time for your symptoms to occur, then it will take time to restore balance ~ this is a journey ~ your journey. You are always healing and there are many ways you can learn to support yourself to feel healthy, and thrive. It’s important to be gentle with yourself as you take steps towards a healthier you. And if you feel you need help, please ask ❀

Diet and lifestyle recommendations may be suggested and/or the use of high-quality nutritional supplements, or herbal medicine formulas made especially for you. Australian Bush Flower Essences {ABFE} may also be used to balance energetic and emotional aspects of your health and healing.

With gentle support, and a compassionate approach, your body can begin to shift into healing, health and vitality.


Amy completed a Bachelor of Health Science {naturopathy} at the Endeavour College of Natural Health in Brisbane. She is currently practicing at Herbs on the Hill in Woolloongabba {Brisbane} on Wednesdays {10am~7pm} and appointments can be made here. Amy will also be commencing clinical practice on the Sunshine Coast in the coming months ~ please watch this space.



Amy is a member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association Australia {NHAA} and Australian Natural Therapists Association {ANTA}, both of which promote ethical and responsible practice.

She holds the following qualifications: