Herbal Medicine

Many pharmaceutical drugs are made from herbs and plants - active constituents are isolated and replicated in laboratories to produce many pharmaceutical medicines. In herbal medicine, the whole plant is used. This means the active constituent is supported by the other parts of that plant. Herbal medicines commonly have fewer side effects and can work synergistically with other plants and herbs. They are natural, but also powerful.

Herbal and natural medicines interact with other medications, as well as each other, so it’s important to work with a qualified and knowledgable practitioner who is aware of safety profiles and potential interactions. The quality of ingredients also varies considerably between products, and there are many forms of different herbs and supplements to consider. Be aware of this when buying over-the-counter products so you can ensure you are supporting your body in safe and appropriate ways. Seek the advice of a trained professional. Your health is worth it.

Using herbal medicine we can create treatments specifically for you and your unique presentation. Herbs have excellent bioavailability, and are a beautiful and effective treatment option for a wide-range of imbalances.

The magic of nature is found in these medicines.