Naturopathy is a holistic system of medicine that aims to identify and address the driving cause(s) of imbalance and disease in the body. It recognises that with support, the body heals itself. Naturopathy is a fusion of science and art, with science providing a framework and biomedical understanding of how the body works, and art weaving the magic - the subtle {yet profound} levels of healing that occur in the deeper layers of our being. There is more to us than just our body, and there is also more to our healing than just the physical. Everything is connected {mind, body and spirit}.

In many ways a journey towards health and healing asks us to deepen our relationship with ourselves. Naturopathy holds space for this journey. It facilitates the restoration of balance at a foundational level, and empowers us to make sustainable changes to our lives that lift us to a new level of vitality and being.

Naturopathy uses the ‘healing power of nature’ and treats all people as individuals. Every one of us has a different path, and all aspects of our lives are directly linked to our wellbeing. Perhaps it is time to view things through a different lens and consider healing to be more than simply taking a pill or medication. In many ways our medicine is both within us, and in the world around us.



Herbal medicine is the most commonly used system of medicine in the world today. It is beautifully powerful and effective, and has a long history of traditional use.



Nutrition is an important part of our health. At a very basic level, food provides fuel for our body - what we eat determines the quality of this fuel, and the way our body functions as a result.



Iridology is an ancient practice that uses the study of your iris as a map and blueprint to you. It offers an understanding of your unique constitution, traits and tendencies, as well as your potential strengths and weaknesses (both physical and emotional).



Flower essences are energetic medicine that support and nurture emotional, mental and spiritual shifts and balance. As a healing tool they are a beautiful and effective standalone treatment, and also work well in combination with other clinical tools to offer emotional resilience and support in your healing journey.